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Resetting printer IPs from without a front control panel

Network printers are as prone as any other host to accidentally ending up with an IP of and DHCP switched off. If you don't have a front panel to manually configure the IP address, and you can't browse to to set it via a web interface, what can you do? Here's a solution.


Step 1: Pull the card

Unplug the printer from power, and unscrew and pull the network board gently out of the printer.


Step 2: Reset the card jumper

On the IB-23 board, this is the SW1-SW2 jumper. Move it to SW2-SW2.


Step 3: Apply the reset

Reinsert the card into the printer and power the printer up. The network settings should now reset themselves to factory defaults.


Step 4: Change the jumper back

Power down, pull the card again, change the jumper back to the original location, put the card back in the printer, screw it into place, and switch the printer back on.



The printer should now be picking up DHCP addresses. Temporarily setting a fixed IP on your DHCP server for the printer's MACaddress will allow you to lock down the IP long enough to browse to the printer interface and make any necessary updates.

(Note: If you have another printer which uses the same network board, and has a front panel interface, you can short-circuit this entire procedure just by temporarily swapping the printer boards and using the printer with the front panel interface to directly reprogram the network board with the problem. It's one reason I like to keep a fully functional "spare" printer in the IT area that isn't connected to the network.)


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