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Mouse Problem

There are several reasons a computer mouse may stop working. Troubleshooting the broken mouse helps you figure out what's wrong with it and more easily fix it. First check the obvious and then move on to more complex reasons the mouse may not be working.

Verify that there is no mouse movement at all. If your computer mouse has stopped moving completely, check the obvious. Make sure the computer mouse is plugged in completely. If it is, remove the plug and examine for pins that may be damaged.

See that the mouse stops while you're using it. If the mouse is working perfectly and suddenly stops, check the connection to see if it is loose. If the connection is fine, open up the trackball and check for any fuzz or residue trapped in the trackball chamber. Remove any residue with a cotton swab and alcohol. Remove the trackball and clean it with the cotton swab and alcohol as well.

Observe that the pointer is not working correctly. If the computer mouse pointer is working in an odd way, check for a virus. Some computer viruses cause the mouse to not work properly. Download a free anti-virus program at Free-AV to run a virus scan on the computer.

Check the computer mouse driver. Go to "Control Panel" and open the "System" folder. Choose "Device Driver Tab" and arrow down to "Mouse." Look and see if the driver is installed. If there is a yellow icon, the mouse has a problem. Un-install the mouse and reboot the computer. Reinstall the mouse driver and reboot the computer.

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