St. Scholastica's Priory, Manila, Philippines


The Two Pillars of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing
Fr. Andreas Amrhein, OSB by Sr. Mary Bellarmine Bernas, OSB

Father Andreas was in constant inner conflict, “for the ideal of combining monastic life with apostolic activity beckoned to him with steady and increasing urgency, yet there was no prospect of any kind of apostolic work for him.”


Mother Birgitta Korff, OSB by Sr. Irene Dabalus, OSB
 Whenever  the Benedictine ideals were at stake - the fitting praise of God, the family and congregational spirit, the maintaining of monastic discipline and extension of God's kingdom on earth, she knew no wavering, no hesitation and no human respect.  

The Foremothers of the St. Scholastica's Priory, Manila
Sr. Caridad Barrion, OSB by Sr. Bernardita Bernas, OSB

As College Dean and teacher Sr. Caridad’s one obsession was to “shape and form the hearts and minds of generations of Filipinas according to the image of the 'true and finished woman of character'”. As First Year students we were made to memorize this ideal she wanted us to strive for: One who thinks, judges, acts constantly and consistently in accordance with right reason illumined by the light , example and teachings of Christ. In other words, to use the current term: THE TRUE AND FINISHED WOMAN OF CHARACTER.


Sr. Gratia Aigner, OSB by Sr. Angelica Leviste, OSB

 Whenever the little boys and girls saw Mother Gratia come out of the "sisters" house" they would leave behind everything: the sandboxes, their wooden scooters, and pails, see-saws and swings - and run to Mother Gratia.

Sr. Liguori del Rosario, OSB by Sr. Miriam Noemi Francisco, OSB

"Pass your papers without emotion," that's what instantly comes to mind every time any of her students thi nk of Sister Liguori. It was both no nonsense discipline like that of St. Benedict and a wry sense of humor like that of St. Scholastica.


Sr. Odilliana Rohrwasser, OSB by Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB

As a teacher, she could expound on the principles of earth sciences and mathematics, then move on tophilosophy and theology. From classrooms to the science laboratories and the sections on electronics, thenback to the classroom, Sister Odiliana insisted on academic discipline, principles of morality and her unbending standards of Christian decency.

Sr. Willibalda Schrader, OSB by Sr. Fe Andrea Collantes, OSB

“Sister Willibalda was certainly closely knit with the Filipinos, rich and poor, with whom shewould eventually be a fellow citizen. In particular, she treasured the young girls in St. Scholastica’s College, the school she administered for 31 years and served for 44 years.



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