St. Scholastica's Priory, Manila, Philippines

Our Priory House and Stations
Our Priory House



The Priory House serves as the hub of the Manila Priory. Besides being the residence of the prioress, it also has the various offices that provide  and coordinate services to the entire priory.

The Priory Government

Priory Government is composed of the Prioress, the subprioress and the three elected priory councillors. They hold meetings regularly in the priory house.

Mother Adelaida Ygrubay, OSB

Priory Liturgical Committee
The Priory Liturgical Committee is composed of four members appointed by the Priory Government. It is headed by a chairperson. The committee meets regularly to review the liturgical calendar, initiates or finds ways of implementing liturgical changes that are mandated by the Church or the congregation, etc.


The Procurator’s Office


The Procurator oversees the entire financial operations of the Priory and ensures that all financial transactions comply with the Priory's policies and procedures as well as with government regulations. The Procurator's Staff assists the Procurator in her work.

Procurator with Staff
The members of the Finance Management Board, the Finance Technical Committee and the Philberth Scholarship Program are all appointed by the Priory Government. They operate in cooperation with the Procurator to oversee the financial operation in their respective areas of responsibility.

The Socio-Pastoral Committee


Through the years since the Priory Chapter of 1975, the socio-pastoral apostolate of the priory has grown not only in number of Sisters volunteering to work in it but also in scope of work as well as organization.
  Today the group is headed by a Socio-Pastoral Apostolate Committee with a chairperson.  The SPA has an office in the Priory House.

Our Stations

At present 2011, the priory is composed of eighteen (19) communities (including the Priory House) spread over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The sizes of the community range from three to thirty-eight Sisters. Following the provision in our Constitution, each community is headed by a Superior. The prioress is the head of the Priory House Community while the Formation House is headed by an OIC since it is not a juridical community but dependent on the priory house.

There are ten (10) communities with schools:

  • Manila Community has St. Scholastica’s College with almost 5,000 students from Kindergarten to Graduate School. Only the Music and Fine Arts Department in College are co-educational. It also has a free Secondary Night School for poor girls in the neighbourhood. (Luzon)

  • Legazpi Community has St. Agnes Academy with 2,673 boys and girls in the Kindergarten to High School. (Luzon)

  • Angeles Community has Holy Family Academy with 3896 boys and girls from Kindergarten to High School.(Luzon)

  • San Fernando Community has St. Scholastica’s Academy with boys and girls in Kindergarten to Grade School and girls only in High School. It has a total student population of 3112 students. (Luzon)

  • Ormoc Community has St. Peter’s College with 2,065 students. (Visayas)

  • Bacolod Community has St. Scholastica’s Academy 1813 students and Holy Family High School with 309 students. (Visayas)

  • Marikina Community has St. Scholastica’s Academy with 3006 students. (Luzon)

  • Tacloban-School Community has St. Scholastica’s College with a total population of 1066 students.(Visayas)

  • Tabunok Community has St. Scholastica’s Academy with 983 boys and girls in high school. (Visayas)

  • Westgrove Community has St. Scholastica’s College with 634 girls in the grade school and high school.(Luzon)

·         There are three (3) insertion communities

There are two (2) retirement communities

There is one (1) community with a retreat ministry.

There is one (1)  hospital community.

There is one formation house

"In Spirit I see our Sisters spread out in great numbers
over the Philippines, laboring in many houses for the
greater honor of God and the salvation of immortal souls."
Mother Birgitta Korff, OSB

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