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Reflections by the Sisters

Benedictine Life in the Third Millennium by Mother Irene Dabalus, OSB

It seems to me that monastic Benedictine life has yet to emerge with sharper and more clear-cut contours in our secular world. Are we in the world but not like the world? Or are we in the world and like the world?  To my mind the answer to this has been evolving out of a number of birthing processes. 
A Heart Open to Obedience by Sr. Mary Bernard Lansang, OSB

Sister said, “When Mother Prioress calls up again, please tell her that she need not talk with me. My answer is YES to any plan that they have for me.” Oh my God, I thought to myself . . . what generosity, what selflessness . . . a YES without any condition! I know we have many sisters who have the same spirit: women with a LISTENING HEART !


Mary, Virgin, Mother, Friend, Intercessor by Sr. Josefina G. Nepomuceno, OSB

Down the centuries, the Popes have affirmed the position of Mary in the Catholic Church and have reinforced devotion to her by actively propagating feasts, activities, and practices that strengthen her role as intercessor and advocate. Particularly in times of danger to the Church and Christianity, Popes have invoked the intervention of Mary, calling for special prayers and devotions

  A Culture of Peace and Non-violence - the Benedictine way by Mother Irene Dabalus, OSB 
The Pax Benedictina is our ideal and heritage.  Throughout history the biblical call to “seek peace and pursue it” has fired us Benedictines and given us the role of peace builders in eras marked by conflict and confusion. Nowadays, however, the pursuit of peace calls for some context analysis. It is to be aware of the “war chain”.
Long Suffering by Sr. Daniela Romero, OSB

Longsuffering which is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is no longer an everyday word. When people hear this word, they immediately think that it means “to suffer long or “long on suffering Certainly, this is an easy way to remember the basic concept. It is translated in many versions as simply “patience”, but this does not do justice to the full meaning of longsuffering – it is only PART of it. The fullest understanding goes a long way further than the image of someone patiently waiting for an expected good thing to happen.



Conversations: Imagined and Actual by Sr. Lioba Tiamson, OSB

I never knew any sister. I never studied in a Catholic school. Simply, I had no contact with any religious. I was a party goer. I not only attended all the dance balls not only in our little town of Guagua, Pampanga but went as far as Manila to join the veteran dancers. I gloried in my crown as Miss Guagua in my heyday and I prided myself in having prominent bachelors running after me.

In My Father's House by Sr. Mary Bernard Lansang, OSB

From my bedroom I heard Tatang Jose anf my father talking. Tatang Jose said, “Why do our daughters leave us and enter the convent? It would be better if they stayed home and taught Catechism to our people.” My father in his usual slow and paced manner of talking answered, “Jose, don’t you remember how the boy Jesus remained in the temple and how he answered his anguished mother? Then my father quoted Jesus words in Spanish: “Porque me buscabais? No sabiais que es preciso me ocupe en las cosas de mi Padre?”

No Turning Back by Sr. Vida Mones, OSB

I transferred to the BPI main office where I worked in the auditing department. It was there that I experienced the rat race and the “survival of the fittest”. I enjoyed the company of my peers at work and after work. The thought of convent life, however, would come back from time to time. Finally, I had to find answers to my questions. What was my life meant to be? What would make me settle down? What would bring me real peace? Things went so fast after that.

War-Time Transformation by Winfrieda Bugayong, OSB

I had a medical check-up and requested the parish priest for a letter of recommendation (he jokingly asked whether he would add a comment on my social life, that I never missed a dance in town). I turned my party dresses and dancing gowns into bed sheets and whatever else was needed to enter the convent. It was not easy to procure things since this was war-time.


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