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Annual Report 2017-2018


As we cap another year full of blessings, we express our profound gratitude to all the generous donors who had supported the Foundation’s scholarship and other programs for 42 years.

DONATIONS.  The Foundation received donations totaling P3,492,459, classified into  P655,500  restricted and P2,836,959 unrestricted donations. 

With joy and gratefulness, we once again honor this year’s notable donors, namely:

  1. Mr. Jaime C. Del Rosario of the J.V. R. Foundation, Inc., with his Pacita Chuidian-Del Rosario Memorial Scholarship, currently has accumulated donations of P8M.  Three of his 5 scholars in SSC-Manila this year graduated Cum laude.

  2. Dr. Eulalio Baltazar, Jr., with his Cristina Chuidian-Balltazar Memorial Scholarship, has specific scholars from the beginning until the scholars finish their chosen course.  Six of his 11 scholars in SSC-Manila graduated this year – 5 in college and 1 in senior high school; of the five college graduates, one was Magna Cum Laude and two were Cum Laude.

  3. Ms. Teresita Jesswani, a former SSC-Manila college faculty member, regularly and continuously contributes to the Foundation, aggregate of which is now P2.896M.  

Two donors established new scholarship funds:  The Happy Coasters Group (HCG) of HS ’77 & GS ’73 with their Happy Coasters’ Group of HS ’77 & GS ’73 Scholarship and Mr. Elmer Ngo with his Elmer Ngo Scholarship c/o Sylvia Karaan of HS ‘77.

SCHOLARSHIPS.  The Foundation supported the studies of 67 scholars from three schools.   The total cost of their studies amounted to P3,624,822, equivalent to 72% of the year’s budget of P5M.  SSC-Manila had 57 scholars (1 masteral, 54 college and 2 senior high school) while SSC-Tacloban had 6 college scholars and SPC-Ormoc, four.

Of the 67 scholars, 28 graduated from college and one from the senior high school.  SSC-Manila had 23 college graduates, one of whom was Magna Cum Laude, 5 Cum Laude and one was awarded With Special Recognition in Written & Oral Comprehensive Examinations.  All 4 scholars from SPC-Ormoc and one scholar from SSC-Tacloban also graduated.

ADMINISTRATIVE CHAIR.  The Board of Trustees approved at its regular Board Meeting in December 2017 the recommendation of the President for the following SSC administrators to be this year’s recipients of the Administrative Chair Program of the Foundation:

  1. Ms. Virginia R. Fornias, PhD           Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2. Ms. Rebecca G. Cacho, EdD          Principal, Senior HS Unit
  3. Ms. Ann Joan Hope V. Caparas     Coordinator for Student Formation, Junior HS Unit 
  4. Ms. Teresita M. Bautista                Campus Ministry Coordinator, GS Unit

Two vital changes in the implementation of the Administrative Chair Program took effect this year:  1) Increase in the monthly honorarium from P1,000 to P1,500 per recipient for one year (May 2017 to April 2018) and 2) Awarding of the monthly honorarium in lump sum during the annual SSC service awards in February, with citation. 

Each recipient was therefore awarded the lump sum amount of P18,000 together with a citation during the SSC Annual Service Awards on February 9, 2018.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.   Two research proposals and one project proposal were approved by the Board of Trustees this year.  Dr. Maria Victoria Trinidad and Dr. Maria Belen Vergara’s research is entitled, Academic Probationary Status and College Students’ Attribution of Reasons for Being on Probation.”  The other research, proposed by Dr. Elisa Bernadette E. Limson is entitled, ”The Relationship of Self-construal and Loss of Face with the Attitude Towards Academic Dishonesty.”  Sr. Roselita Geronimo, OSB is in charge of the project proposal, “Donation of Various Equipment by SSRDF to the College Science Laboratory of SSC, Manila.”  Completion of the two research studies is within 2 years while the project proposal is expected to be done next year.


  1. Visit of Two DOST Officers. SSRDF, Inc., being a certified science foundation by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), was once again visited by two of its Foundations Unit officers in November 2017.  The officers stressed that the Foundation should prioritize funding of scientific research studies and granting of scholarships to scholars taking science courses.

  2. DOST Certification.  The Foundation’s application for renewal of its DOST certification was approved by the DOST under its new coverage period of three (3) years, effective December 12, 2017 up to December 12, 2020. 

Once again, we heartily thank our loyal, generous donors for their continued support of the various programs of the Foundation, primarily the scholarships.  Their efforts truly mean a lot because with them our less privileged and financially-challenged students are given the chance to obtain better education, the Scholastican education.  Through these donors the scholars are able to gain better chances for a better future not only for themselves but also for their families as well. Above all we thank our loving God, the ultimate source of all things possible and impossible, for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us all and the Foundation these past 42 years.

That in all things God may be glorified!


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